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Is the uninsured rate the lowest ever?

Almost no one disputes that the implementation of the federal health law has helped Americans who were previously uninsured gain coverage. But exactly how much has the uninsured rate dropped? Read more »

Americans say drug costs are ‘unreasonable,’ but can afford to buy them

Nearly three in four Americans say the costs of prescription drugs are “unreasonable," and most blame drugmakers for those prices, according to a new poll. Read more »

Rumor Mill: Anthem bids for Cigna, UHG for Aetna

The companies at the top of America’s health insurance food chain are hurdling toward what could be some of the largest consolidation deals ever in the healthcare industry. Read more »

Wellness program didn't help folks lose weight, study finds

Once much-vaunted, the broad-based workplace wellness program is coming under more skepticism, as new data suggests the prevailing models may not be achieving some main goals. Read more »

CVS grows consumer health empire with Target Rx, clinic takeover

CVS Health’s tree of drug management and retail health is growing with grafts from a different, struggling retailer. It’s a chance to expand the reach of CVS's primary care and low-cost generic medicines, among other things. Read more »

Anthem membership overtakes UnitedHealthcare, by one count

As health insurance membership grows, so too are profit margins for some of the largest managed care companies, although of course that's not the case for every health plan. Read more »

Low prices lure some consumers to temporary health plans

Once a stopgap for people between jobs, short-term policies appear to be enjoying a resurgence, despite hope that consumer interest would decline after the ACA. Read more »

2016 HIX premium proposals stoke fear, cautious optimism

Concerns over double digit increases abound, but there are also signs that individual premiums on average and in a lot of places may be modest. Read more »

Assurant prepares to exit health insurance

The Affordable Care Act euthanized old school underwriting and introduced subsidies and risk sharing, too much and not enough for an insurer that succeeded in the old market. Read more »

AHIP looking for CEO to 'galvanize vision' across next decade

AHIP's new CEO will need to continue the legacy of defending an industry, as well as help shape policies and market approaches for the still uncertain era of value. Read more »

Time for health institutions to redesign population health?

The pernicious effects of America's sedentary culture in many ways mirror the country's expensive, convoluted healthcare system. Powerful healthcare institutions, though, can help change the course on the local level, advocates argue. Read more »

The inevitability of health insurance consolidation

If the economics of running a health plan require the big to get bigger, it also seems that new models for services, risk and profits are needed. Read more »

Highest-charging hospitals are for-profits, concentrated in Florida

Talk about sticker shock: Some U.S. hospitals charge patients more than 10 times the rates paid by Medicare. Read more »

S&P sees promise in provider-sponsored plans

With near-universal health insurance and an impetus to make healthcare affordable, health systems starting their own insurance plans believe this time is different. Read more »

10 new drugs to challenge payers

Some promising breakthrough medicines on the market and horizon are going to come with a steep price tag that public payers especially will have to meet head on. Read more »

Theranos bodes patient-centered disruption of the lab test

If Elizabeth Holmes has her way, a reinvented blood test will liberate Americans paying for lab tests and help cultivate a new kind of preventative healthcare. Read more »

Tipping points? Competition and barriers in a region with two IDNs

Leaders of two warring healthcare healthcare institutions argue that a near-duopoly will benefit consumers and patients. The trouble is that a 60-year-old piece of the tax code leaves many without real choice. Read more »

Growing pains for state exchanges

The states that set up their own insurance marketplaces have nothing to lose in King v. Burwell, the big Supreme Court case that will be decided by the end of June. But that doesn't mean those states are breathing easy. Read more »

Innovation, scale and legacies in the new health economy

At the annual assembly of America’s health insurance leaders, the need for better consumer experiences and more affordability goes without saying. The trouble is transcending the inertia of the old ways. Read more »

Implementing innovation amid complexity and change

Where do health insurers fit into the convergence in healthcare, if anywhere? All problems are also opportunities, even if it might be in disguise. Read more »

Clean claims, price quotes and many miles to go

No industry is immune from self-deprecation.  Read more »

Optum nurtures care integration

From behavioral health to oncology, UnitedHealth Group's bustling management and technology subsidiary is trying to synchronize healthcare for populations, providers and individuals. Read more »

Pent-up demand: HIX consumers and their medicines

Americans in public exchange plans are using their benefits, especially for prescription drugs, although in some ways it's different than other health plan segments. Read more »

Seeking and finding at the AHIP Institute

Admittedly, I won't be found listening to country music in Nashville, but there are many interesting forums and sessions worth exploring. Read more »

Humana up for sale?

When Wall Street's biggest M&A dealmaker is hired, it would seem that a takeover is in the making, or at least a possibility being mulled. Read more »

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