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Striving for 'well-being' amid the wellness backlash

Until corporate wellness programs demonstrate ROI, many companies have to consider whether there are other ways to improve the health of their employees and the country. Read more »

Aetna wins lower costs for hep C breakthrough

The nation's third largest insurer is the latest to find a cheaper way to bring a curative therapy to members with Hepatitis C. Read more »

UHG ahead on ACA enrollment, forecasts profitable 2015

Notwithstanding resistance in California and some long-term uncertainty, the nation's largest insurer is pretty stoked about 2015, public exchanges and Medicaid. Read more »

Provider plan sets sights on Medicare Advantage

In a crowded market dominated by the Blues, a hospital-owned health plan is trying grow in tandem with Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, seeing potential in suburban Baby Boomers. Read more »

Amid prevention push, perils in screening

At a time when prevention is being hailed as a key to health reform, indeed required as an essential health benefit, new evidence is questioning assumptions about the benefits and costs. Read more »

Blues try to tame wild orthopedic surgery costs

Why the costs for an increasingly common surgery should vary so much across and within regions is the key question Blue Cross companies are trying to answer, as new research find that pricing swings are still the norm. Read more »

With cost data, entrepreneurs look to scale 'unlimited' primary care

What do Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the Regence Blues have in common? A new subscription-based clinic network with a simple recipe for the Triple Aim and competition for the establishment. Read more »

Thanks but no thanks: UHG blocked from HIX

The nation's largest insurer could be shut out from the largest state insurance exchange, as regulators pursuing an active purchaser strategy try to nurture a loyal group of underwriters for the long-term. Read more »

Blue Shield, Sutter Health spate portends value battles

A network dispute could leave a quarter million Californians without access to a large, well respected health system, a story playing out across the country. Read more »

For-profit Blues evolve for consumer era

Under a mantra of "consumer centricity," the nation's largest Blue Cross company is taking a long-view on America's changing demographics and insurance access points. Read more »

HIX enrollment frozen for co-op in 'preventive measure'

Another co-op insurer is showing signs of struggle, if not financial collapse, as a state regulator steps in. Read more »

Tavenner leaving CMS

The nurse turned hospital executive turned chief federal healthcare regulator is leaving the government. Now the industry is left wondering: Who will take the reigns in the Obama Administration's pivotal fourth quarter? Read more »

Specialty tiers proliferate in HIX plans, confuse patients

For exchange goers who need specialty medications, navigating their options before committing to a plan can be confusing, a problem insurers need to address if they want to cultivate brand loyalty. Read more »

Where the premiums are highest and lowest

In health insurance prices, as in the weather, Alaska and the Sun Belt are extremes. Read more »

What trade secrets? Blue discloses reimbursements

A few months ago, North Carolina's largest insurer was hesitant to reveal hospital payments on a state-mandated consumer information website. Now, it's making a bigger leap with its own online transparency initiative. Read more »

Insurers, PBMs take different routes in hep C deals

If 2014 was a year of managing member populations who need a blockbuster treatment for hepatitis C, 2015 is turning out to be one of deals for everyone to access that drug. Read more »

Unintended effects may plague multi-state plans

Is the nascent multi-state plan program a threat to health insurance competition, or possibly a surreptitious route to a public option? The Blues and co-ops will be how the market finds out. Read more »

State mandates best data practices for insurers

After a massive data breach at the Garden State's largest health insurer, carriers and others now have to comply with data protection standards that exceed HIPAA.  Read more »

NY insurers required to cover telehealth

Insurers in one of the country's largest markets will now have to pay for telehealth, adding to the critical mass of reimbursement mandates and voluntary decisions for the service. Read more »

Aetna commits to raise wages, expand benefits

The nation's third largest insurer is joining the ranks of the most progressive companies and promising its wage-based employees a livable income, while also investing in less-than-traditional benefits. Read more »

Single payer activists brandish new data on administrative waste

Advocates of a radical reform solution are pointing to new evidence of the burdens of private sector administrative bureaucracy. Read more »

Battle brewing over Medicaid fees and access guarantee

Provider and patient advocates are worried about a Supreme Court case that could restrict the ability to sue over low Medicaid reimbursement rates. Read more »

Slim margins, but decent ratings, is the Blues refrain

The corporate scions of American health insurance are making valiant, if risky, strides in the new ACA market. But their ratings still show the promise of their prowess. Read more »

Insurer regroups after bailing on HIX

The first insurer to drop out of the Affordable Care Act exchange market after only a year is now trying to figure out where to go next. Read more »

On the job market

This year there are a lot of employment options, including public affairs gigs and management positions at provider-owned plans. Read more »

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