Marching, but where? Moscow I fear

Paul Levy

What's up with the Health Care Transformation Task Force? In the midst of all the excitement, there are very few thoughtful observers who raise questions about the march.

Is there really an individual mandate?

Robert Laszewski

Will tax-filing season be the next reason for consumers to complain about the new health law? Come tax time, will the Obama administration really enforce the individual health insurance mandate?

For loyalty, an ounce of convenience, prevention and wellness

Drew Kraisinger, Medecision

Creating "members for life" is the ultimate goal of any payer's customer loyalty effort. Competitive rates are one strategy to enhance loyalty, but in today's landscape of consumers who expect more engaging and cost-effective care, the proof is often in better health.

E-commerce principles for the health plan shopping experience

Jonathan Rickert, Array Health

Whether shopping for an airline ticket or a pair of shoes, consumers are making more purchases online. In the past, e-commerce for health insurance was confined to the individual market; private insurance exchanges, however, are bringing Internet shopping experiences to the broader health insurance industry.

Last wishes and clear choices

Richard Gunderman

Conversations around end-of-life medical care can be challenging. Consider someone I'll call Mrs. Jones, an elderly patient with advanced heart disease.

Preventing price-gouging of the uninsured

David Williams

Medical bills are a major source of personal bankruptcy in the US. One reason is that hospitals typically bill uninsured patients wildly inflated "charges."

The ACA's invisible deductible discounts

Andrew Sprung

The healthcare Twittersphere was riveted by Robert Pear's spotlight on Harvard professors up in arms about comparatively modest deductibles and copays added to their excellent health plan.

The single payer health insurance failure in Vermont

Robert Laszewski

For 25 years I've been saying that I wished a little state like Vermont would implement a single-payer Canadian-style health insurance system -- "Medicare For All." I have always thought that this debate will never be settled until a state gives it a shot and everybody witnesses the result.

Overutilization: Tactics worthy of used car salesmen

Paul Levy

I have to conclude that a recent campaign by a New York City urologist has to be skating mighty close to the ethical line.

Employers want defined contribution and benefits, and everything in between

Jonathan Rickert, Array Health

For years, industry experts have been predicting a wholesale shift away from defined benefit health insurance plans to defined contribution. The reality, however, has been more complicated and nuanced.

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