The post-King v. Burwell conundrum and the ACA superwaiver

Andrew Sprung

Can the federal government subsidize private health insurance without regulating it?

Self-management: Gaps between wellness and disease management

Adam Kaufman, Canary Health

Health plans' current wellness initiatives and disease/case management programs may be leaving members who fall outside of the "very sick" and "healthy" categories unengaged.

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The Obama Administration recruited Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman to the game of selling the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama acknowledges the technical issues with HealthCare.gov, pledging his Administration will resolve them soon and asserting that the distressed web portal is not the only way to shop for affordable health insurance available through the ACA.


Three years after launching a 750-patient Medicare Advantage collaborative care pilot, Portland, Maine-based independent physician practice NovaHealth and insurer Aetna have shown concrete results in improving care quality and reducing costs. Technology and provider-payer cooperation played a large part in the program's success.

How much overhead in private and government insurance will it take to have universal coverage under the ACA? Quite a bit in one current view of the data.

Douglas White knew high-deductible insurance is supposed to make patients feel the pain of medical prices and turn them into smart shoppers. So he shopped.

After more than a decade of legal turmoil, physicians in four states have won a concession from the nation's largest insurer to make getting paid less of a hassle, if not to get paid more.

As California goes, so goes the country in capping consumer costs for medicines? That's what patient advocacy groups and and some pharmaceutical companies may be hoping.

A national for-profit giant and Michigan's largest health insurer are coming to a resolution over the long-standing, fractious trade issues of excluding and favoring.

A mix of old and new school insurers are the best health plans in the eyes of the 59,000 physicians and providers using the digital billing and record-keeping services of athenahealth.

As dry as the decision may appear, insurers literally have millions of dollars on the line when CMS comes knocking. That makes picking the right auditor, and doing so the first time, absolutely critical.

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